Spiritual Holography and the Storage of Energetic Wave Fields in the Hologram

We are surrounded and suffused by manifold energetic wave fields, which work consciously or subconsciously within us. Electromagnetic fields, light wave fields, gravitational fields and the morphic fields interconnect interactively, all-embracing and unbound through space and time, the universe and matter, all living things and the human spirit. These wave fields carry information and energy currents that operate within us and influence our spirit and biosphere, our life and health. In the process of development and production of the light structures, the energetic effect of the light wave fields emitted by the hologram is created. The hologram is composed on the foundation of scientific and spiritual knowledge and the optical symbols are translated into reflective relief structures. Through a coordinated illumination in the full spectrum, the stored energies can be made visible again and available to the observer.

Spiritual Meaning of a Hologram

The word hologram is derived from the ancient Greek word stems HOLOS = WHOLE / COMPLETE and GRAMMA = WRITTEN / MESSAGE. In the usual digital storage of data and image content, the information contained in a dual system is reduced to the smallest possible data packets such as ‘0’ and ‘1’, i.e. ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Holography is different – here complex messages and contents are recorded – holistically – as multidimensional images of the entire light wave written into the hologram.

The way of recording a hologram corresponds to the holistic, analog and multidimensional way of storage of our brain. Therefore, science is more and more inclined to speak of our “holographic brain” and of a “holographic consciousness”. It is interesting and amazing to realize that similar to the neuronal networking in the human brain, also in the hologram each piece of information is connected to the other. For example, if you break a glass hologram, through each small shard you can see the whole image of the recorded object and the recorded message.

It is a fact that our brain, just like the hologram, does not record single data fragments but complex wave fields which are able to resonate and interact with other wave fields. The resulting holographic communication possibilities are enormous and far from being fully explored. The holographic image of a message, again initiated by light, creates and sends to the viewer a reconstruction of the original message. It is always a philosophical question whether the message reconstructed in this way represents an image or even the reproduced original message, since both information contents are absolutely identical.

Light plays a fundamental and decisive role in people’s lives for health in spirit, soul and body. People who do not have access to light sooner or later become ill. Everyone knows the situation after weeks of cloud-covered skies when the sun finally comes out again and its intense light produces a veritable explosion of happiness hormones in us. We go out, soak up the light and meet other happy people on the streets. Festivals are celebrated to bring the dark season to a close and to celebrate the time of light, new arising life and regeneration. Our entire life cycle on this planet is dependent on light and influences our mind and thus our control centre for our body. Very important in this is the production of vitamin D, the so-called sun hormone, which plays a crucial role in all our human cells for the calcium balance, our immune and hormone system, as well as for the stability of the psyche and a healthy metabolism. Vitamin D is formed to 80 % exclusively by the UVB light of the sun directly in our skin cells and can only be absorbed in our latitudes in the months from March to October, as the sun is then at the right angle to the earth to send the energy-charged UVB light all the way to the earth.

A hologram is written by light – and it emits light. In all possible wavelengths.

In this type of hologram development, the possibilities of energy transmission through the light structures in the hologram are used. Through specific giving meaning and transmission of information through visualization in the creation process as well as through the use of sacred geometries and symbols, a light structure is created which not only inspires through its beauty, but also has the ability to emit exactly the light information that was previously introduced into the work. A hologram is therefore one of the most suitable tools to store and transport information with healing energy.

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is one of the oldest sacred geometries on the planet. All over the world and in the most diverse cultures, this unique structure has been created to symbolize the unity of life. Each individual sphere is connected to the centre of the circles surrounding it, intensifying the power of this very important pattern for understanding global unity. This symbol, thousands of years of age, was the beginning of our work with holograms as transmitters of light and healing. After experiencing the amazing effect of this symbol as a hologram, we intensified our work in the spiritual field of healing light structures.

Make Me An Instrument

In the hologram “Make Me An Instrument”, developed with the German physician and healer Dr. Uwe Albrecht, sacred geometries are interlinked in an optical sound space in a manner that allows the viewer to place himself in his inner universal centre through meditation. In this centre, healing symphonies, e.g. through special numerical codes or tones, can then harmoniously affect the being and its surrounding energies and evoke reactions. This hologram is the largest embossing hologram in the world in its complexity – created from 360 individual exposures to generate the magical 13-dimensional structure of the cube of the Flower Of Life.

Starting from a single circle in the centre, the cube is created from 1729 individual spheres.