SPIRITUAL HOLOGRAPHY / HEALING WITH HOLOGRAMS - New dimensions of holographic technologies

The POWER OF LIGHT has accompanied me through life for many years and together with my friends and partners I have specialized in holographic technologies to make the light available for spiritual work with magical symbols. Holograms written with pure laser light amplify the power of their symbols many times over and are made available to everyone again naturally through the reflection of the light that surrounds us.

All light symbols – which are available as print or roughly constructed 3D relief – do not have the same powerful energy and beauty as the sacred geometries that we can use in the fine, high-resolution holographic structures to make the light structures available for energetic application. The holograms are like a memory, fully charged with the energies that were exposed into the hologram in the process of creation. Exactly the same energy can then be emitted again through the hologram. It is a holistic way of writing with light. Hence the word hologram. It comes from the Greek and means “holos – whole” and “gramma – to write” – no information is lost in the hologram. That is why it is so very unique and particularly well suited for spiritual use.

We are currently developing a new technology to realize pure gold and silver amulets with holographic elements, so that the purifying powers of fine gold and silver can be combined with the energy of holographic light structures.
This opens up great new field of possibilities to develop fantastic and powerful energy carriers. We are open to your thoughts and your personal path, to new structures and flowing fields of light. Feel free to get in touch with us.
You can read, see and feel the background of holography on our website – I am absolutely convinced that our techniques are perfectly suited to transform the light structures from your energy implemented into powerful objects for all living beings.
Have fun exploring!