Tamper-proof holographic induction sealing wads protect your high-quality product from external influences and seal it perfectly in your container. Especially liquids and sensitive medicines are perfectly packaged by the closure with sealing wads. The wads, which are equipped with a holographic layer, are produced in a special process to seal the end product tamper-proof and against unauthorized refilling.


The wads can be used with all industry standard induction sealing machines and offer the highest level of protection against forgery and refilling.

  • leakage protection gasket with seal closure
  • increased longevity due to transmission protection
  • tamper protection through tamper-evidence effects
  • easy integration into product authentication and supply chain solutions
  • adapted to your brand and packaging identifiers
  • customized holograms with highest security features
  • food approval for all types and variations of wads
  • Holographic Wads
  • Non-holographic Wads
  • Tri-Tab-Wads
  • Wads with imprint on the outside (e.g. for inventory management – the seal does not need to be opened to check the contents)
  • Wads with print on the inside (e.g. for promotional offers or customer information)
  • Wads with print on the aluminium seal – outside (e.g. for inventory management, inventory creation)
  • Wads with print on the aluminium seal – inside (e.g. for promotional offers or customer information)
  • Wads with imprint on the hologram layer (e.g. for branding, advertising, data or logo on inventory holograms)
  • for normal, less aggressive and more aggressive materials  
  • sealable on PET, HDPE and GLAS
  • for HDPE – poly on aluminium is used
  • for PET – heat-sealable PET is used
  • for GLAS – a special coating is used
  • Polyethylene foam as a press-seal in the lid
  • provides a stable sealing for repeated use
  • the container is securely closed and leakage is prevented
  • can be supplied in cut-form, sheet form and roll form
  • different diameters and thicknesses available
  • colour: white glossy
  • resistant to acid, alcohols, oils, cosmetics, solvents and aqueous products


The shrink sleeve is a tube made of clear PVC or PET film. During the converting process, the sleeves shrink due to induction heat and fit closely to the shape of the container or product. This creates a smooth label – a uniform and tamper-proof product package with high aesthetic standards. With brilliant graphics, designs and holographic elements, these sleeves are perfect for presenting a high-quality product to the customer that signals security.

  • holographic anti-counterfeiting strip integrated in the sleeve
  • perfect for marketing and product security
  • not reusable
  • ideal shrink properties
  • easy processing  
  • high product aesthetics
  • Pre-Form
  • Cut-Form
  • Spool-Form
  • Wrap-Around
  • Full-Sleeve 
  • Half-Sleeve 
  • Cap-Sleeve
  • Blow-PVC 
  • Cast-PVC 
  • Shrink-PET


The security bags are made of recyclable LDPE and tailored to customer requirements. They can be imprinted 4-coloured and delivered either transparent or opaque. The security bags are ideal for the secure transport of important documents, sensitive technical components, pharmaceuticals, cash, items from forensic evidence or other objects that need to be protected either from external influences or unauthorized use.

  • individually imprintable with barcodes and serial numbers
  • seal closure with VOID/OPEN tamper effect
  • moisture reactive test strip (white strip becomes transparent)
  • temperature reactive test strip (white strip turns red at temperatures above 65°C)  
  • cold-resistant up to -20°C
  • individually imprinted
  • ready for immediate use
  • individual size
  • transparent or opaque
  • LDPE