In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of counterfeit medication coming into circulation and being distributed unknowingly into the market. Furthermore, they are being distributed via reputable-looking websites, non-existent fake wholesalers and ordered by the unsuspecting purchasing departments of health institutions. Verifying the authenticity of medicine can only be done with great effort. Simple optical security features and forgery-proof seals are usually sought in vain. A substance analysis of the contents is only carried out in random samples, if there is any at all.

Behind the online shops that offer brand-name pharmaceuticals and wholesale medicine at unbelievably low prices are usually organized criminal organizations that circulate counterfeit medication on a large scale. Especially in the case of high-quality and therapy-accompanying medicines, this is a great danger for the consumer, as the counterfeit medications often contain no or only small amounts of effective substance. The desired healing result then fails to be achieved and it becomes very dangerous for the patient. Therefore this is not only a matter of general health, but sometimes actually a matter of life or death. 

Especially in the case of very costly brand-name compounds, the danger is often underestimated and many wholesalers of medication do not even assume that such exclusive compounds could also be targeted by the counterfeit mafia.

The damage done to life and limb cannot be taken seriously enough!
This could be so easily avoided. By making an investment that is small in proportion to the value and benefit of the medicine, it ensures that one hundred percent counterfeit protection is guaranteed.
This is possible through novel technologies in holography, such as Nano Optical Imaging (NOI) capabilities and the combination of smart labelling technologies with unique traceability for manufacturers, distributors and even the end-customer, in this case the patient. Through individualized QR codes, which are inserted into the hologram during production, every patient can check the information stored by the manufacturer in an online database with their smartphone before taking the product. This can be, for example, proof of originality, a batch number or a manufacturing date. This is highly recommended, especially for medication with a critical shelf life, in order to give the patient or the attending physician confidence in the product and its use.