When dealing with the field of global product piracy, one is immediately amazed by the unbelievable impact that forged products have on all industries.The annual worldwide damage caused by counterfeit branded products is estimated by the European Union at the enormous sum of 460 billion €. Of this amount, more than 120 billion € is accounted for by the economic area of the European Union itself. The EU goes even further in its report and calculates that this value is equivalent to the loss of approximately 760.000 jobs in its countries. The European states lose more than 9 billion € in tax revenue.
If you look at these figures, it becomes clear that only by using forgery-proof features on the products themselves or the outer packaging produced by the manufacturers, the constantly rising tide of forgeries can be counteracted. If the value of the product and the trust of the customer can also be increased through the use of such a tool, one not only creates security in one’s own distribution chain, but also gains a clear advantage at the point of sale through loyalty and transparency with the end customer.

The security hologram is, and remains a well-known and proven security device, which, as a Tamper Evident Label that self-destructs when removed, guarantees an absolutely secure closure of a package, or as a hologram label directly on the product, hang tag or other label, ensures unmistakable identification and enhancement of the brand itself. In addition to the customized and thus unique design, the holograms can be individualized in various ways to make the manufacturing process traceable for each product. In addition to QR codes, that can be scanned by any smartphone of the end customer which refer to a database or website of the manufacturer, serial numbers can also be irrevocably engraved into the metallized layer of the hologram by means of laser engraving.

Holograms, which everyone knows from important documents such as identity cards, driving licenses, credit cards and, of course, banknotes, are, in addition to protection against forgery, also a statement about a company’s own brand, the company and it’s reputation built up over many years. It is the modern signet ring, which to this day is still based on a metal signet plate, the unique holographic master plate, which embosses and duplicates the unmistakable and unique relief structure of the hologram in the carrier material used. The hologram can of course also be used for important correspondence. Important contracts, prints and documents worthy of protection against plagiarism can be individualized by the hologram and protected against unauthorized copying. A hologram cannot be copied and can only originate from the one original master. The possibilities of the different marking features and security levels in the hologram itself are of almost inexhaustible variation and offer the creative designer all possibilities for the realization of an eternal and unique layout for the representation and presentation of the brand or the product to be protected.