A hologram as a personal seal

An individual hologram is your personal signet, which gives your individuality an unmistakable expression and, at the same time, serves as a high-quality seal of approval for the quality of your work. Due to the high-resolution exposure technologies, each design is a highly unique work of art and can meet the highest aesthetic demands. An ultra-high resolution hologram in nano optical imaging technology offers structures in the nanometre range, which in the optical bending of the light allow three-dimensional relief structures that give the impression of a raised surface structure, but are in fact only wavy lines in the sub-micron range.

The modern signet is still a relief – but we use the wavelengths of visible and invisible light in the range between 350-800 nanometers to create the relief structures of the hologram. Highly energetic laser beams are used to write the structures into the photoreactive polymer substrates, from which the metallic embossing plates for the production of the holograms are made – by various galvanic forming processes. Each hologram master is unique and can only be recombined by direct moulding.

You can use your personal holographic seal in all areas of your business where confidentiality and proof of originality are required. Whether you protect your products, create a certificate, seal your correspondence or give your signature more meaning with an original hologram – a personal hologram signals highest value and communicates security and trust in important products, documents, records and also in decisions of customers and partners.

With us at your side, we will jointly develop your personal hologram signet and give your individual brand or company a high-quality security feature and a unique expression of your personality. We look forward to our cooperation!