We create security applications, hologram labels and other holographic products for all high-quality industries to protect and enhance your products and give your personal brand a unique distinctive and forgery-proof seal of approval. We are at your side as a trustworthy partner in all questions relating to holography. Get in touch with us – we’re sure to find the right solution. Satisfied customers and partners around the world are evidence of our success. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hologramm-Etiketten - rund - svg

Labels & Tape

Hologram Labels, Tamper Evidence Labels, Security Tape and Intelligence Smart Solutions

Sealing-Wad - hologram - svg

Sleeves / Wads & Bags

Forgery-proof Induction Sealing Wads, Holographic Shrink Film and Security Bags

Hologramm-Transfer- rund - svg

Foils & Transfer film

PET, OPP, Hot Stamping Foil & Cold Transfer Film for the printing and packaging industry

Hologramm-Design- rund - svg

Design & Mastering

Individual hologram design and ultra high-resolution mastering technology

Pattern - BUTTON

Pattern Library

Media library of currently available embossing patterns for holographic foils & labels


Research & Development

Projects for the development of micro- and nano-structured surfaces

Reading Device


special Reading Devices and Optics for inspecting security features and effects

Blume des Lebens Hologramm

Spiritual Holography

Energized Holograms and spiritual use of light wave fields


In our company we combine the know-how of over 40 years of intensive research and development in the field of holographic production methods and their areas of application. We offer the best solution for your requirements and shall be very happy to enter new fields and work-areas with passion. We look forward to creating something unique to your specifications!


We specialize in product security applications to the highest standards, providing forgery-proof hologram labels, packaging films and other holographic products for all high-value industries to protect your products, add value and give your personal brand a distinctive and forgery-proof seal of approval. We can supply any holographic product and offer customized solutions in conjunction with your existing system. Together with you and on your behalf, we develop special solutions and feasibility studies in the field of nanostructured surfaces, holographic labels & packaging, refractive and defractive optics, as well as systems and manufacturing equipment for holographic production processes.

Confidentiality and customer protection agreements are the cornerstones of a trusting and successful business relationship. Our production facilities and partners are subject to the strictest security criteria, comply with the ISO standards customary in the industry and are members of the IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturer Association) and other associations in the field of high-security technologies to safeguard work processes.

A hologram is not only an anti-forgery device, but also a statement. It is your personal and unique seal. With our extensive portfolio of high quality security technologies, we will work with you directly in the unique process of creating a custom hologram and security seal for your company, brand or project that will meet your needs and delight you and your customers.

You will find our business fields in all industries. From security technologies for safeguarding documents, ID cards, certificates and tickets, to counterfeit protection for high-value products, medicines and spare parts, extending all the way to optically active printing and packaging foils. In addition, we are in close cooperation with renowned research institutions and are constantly developing our products to enable new approaches and possibilities for our customers.


With our worldwide network of production facilities, we offer the highest standards of security technologies for high quality label, paper and plastic production. We remain constantly at the very forefront of research and development in the field of high security holograms – for all label and packaging products. We offer you a strong and on-site partner for the development of your individual security application. 

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