We supply hologram labels, seal closures and security labels for any application to suit your system and requirements. In addition to the customer-specific and unique design, our holograms can be customized in various ways to ensure traceability for each label. Like a smart label, serial numbers and QR codes can point to a database or website. Various Tamper-Evidence features prevent attempts to tamper the label. Our various master technologies offer attractive effects as well as the highest levels of security to prevent forgeries. Each hologram can also be deposited and registered with the IHMA.


Our holograms and security labels meet all the characteristics necessary for maximum product security and give your brand a high quality and distinctive seal of approval. 

  • brand and product protection
  • document security
  • security Seals
  • brand promotion
  • Honeycomb Tamper (when the hologram is detached, parts of the label remain on the substrate in the form of a honeycomb pattern – the hologram is destroyed)
  • VOID-Tamper (when the hologram is detached, parts of the label remain on the substrate with the word VOID – the hologram is destroyed)
  • Individual Tamper (a customer-specific cylinder can be produced for the tamper effect)
  • Complete-Tamper (for complete detachment of the hologram from the product)
  • Full-Tamper (the PET carrier film can be peeled off – the hologram remains and can only be removed by destruction)
  • Breakable Vinyl (the hologram breaks into pieces when trying to be detached or when opening a closure)
  • CLR (Cover Laser Readable Image) – is made visible by a special laser reader
  • UV Print – can be made visible by a UV lamp
  • Taggants – are embedded in the base film and can be read by special reading devices
  • Audio Authentication – a special pattern is being integrated into the label, which is read with a reading device and then plays a previously stored audio message

Honeycomb Tamper

VOID Tamper

Complete Tamper

Full Release - No Tamper

Breakable Vinyl

Covert Laser Readable

UV - Print




For security holograms, a plastic film is usually used as a carrier material. This carrier material can be thermo-mechanically embossed and has resistant properties to form a sufficiently firm surface that can ideally reproduce the holographic relief structure. The plastic film, usually made of coated PET, is rotationally embossed, backed with a special adhesive, applied to siliconized paper and finally delivered in the desired shape. 

ECO-LABEL – Since the beginning of 2021, we are also able to produce paper-based holograms. This allows for an environmentally friendly alternative to PET film and offers a similar security effect as breakable vinyl.

  • sheet size 151x162mm / 162x162mm / 168x162mm
  • individualized coils
  • coil cores 1″ (25mm), 3″ (76mm) or 1.57″ (40mm)
  • individual sizes possible on request
  • silver / gold
  • transparent
  • distinctive colours of the rainbow 
  • special colours
  • TTR (Thermal-Transfer)
  • Ink-Jet (with pre-print treatment / coating)
  • paper-based Holograms
  • with HMPS adhesive (Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive)
  • currently no water-based adhesive possible
  • 60 GSM base-paper
  • other papers are also possible for large print runs
  • possible colours: gold / silver 


A customized security hologram requires an elaborate design process and precise production technologies. A unique holographic laser master is created, which is developed to the metallized embossing plate (shim) through electroforming and recombinations. Our mastering technologies offer the highest levels of security and design effects with resolutions of up to 637.000 dpi.


Our available stock holograms are ready-designed motifs with visually appealing effects in various formats. No forgery protection is guaranteed, but a visual enhancement of the product is achieved. There are no production costs here and the holograms can be purchased inexpensively for a new product or to present a product design. 


Each hologram can be individually equipped with a serial number and/or a QR code for identification and traceability. QR codes enable the end customer to use his smartphone to check the information stored by the manufacturer in an online database. This can be, for example, a product description, proof of originality, a batch number or a manufacturing date. This is highly recommended, especially for medicines with a critical date of expiry, in order to give the patient or the attending physician confidence in the safety of the product and its use.

  • Laser numbering (is applied directly into the metallized layer of the hologram and cannot be manipulated)
  • UV numbering (an invisible print – which can only be made visible by illuminating it with a UV lamp).
  • INK-Jet numbering (used when the colour of a serial number has a meaning)
  • TTR numbering (thermal transfer numbering can be subsequently applied to the holograms by us or by the customer and offers the greatest flexibility even for short runs)
  • each hologram with an individual QR code
  • simple and automatic tracking via smartphone camera
  • informational storage of the product in a database
  • possibility to provide documents for the customer
  • customer security through trust building and quality assurance


Special security pigments and various special prints are used as an additional security feature to protect printed documents, labels or packaging. Depending on the application, environmental requirement and required security level, different types of security inks & technologies are used for this purpose.

We offer inks and pigments for all applications that ensure highly effective protection against forgery. We recommend both – covert and overt printing solutions for packaging, labels or holographic seals to protect brands and customers from counterfeit products.

  • enables a simple and invisible, additional security effect that can be made visible with any UV lamp
  • popular for invisible serial numbers
  • the inks react with a colour change to various adjustable temperatures
  • can be used for optical control of certain temperatures
  • can be used as a security feature for checking authenticity
  • are used to secure temperature-sensitive products – e.g. for medicines
  • an area with hidden information is overprinted
  • the costumer can scratch this area free and make the hidden area visible
  • Anti-Stokes pigments can be converted into visible (VIS) light by laser light in the NIR (Near Infrared) range 
  • the luminescent pigments have sizes in the micron and sub-micron range for use in standard offset printing
  • the invisible pigments can be read by a beeper or made visible by a NIR laser


By combining a hologram with a register-controlled overprint, a very appealing visual design can be created that not only provides the holographic security levels for brand protection, but at the same time allows for high-resolution printing in standard colours.

Reversely, a holographic element can also be ‘printed’ onto a packaging label using the Cast&Cure process. Here, the holographic relief structure can be transferred from a master film to a predetermined area of the label with a precise fit by moulding it into a special varnish.


The combination of transparent hologram and semi-transparent print for „see-through labels“ offers the brand designer the possibility to create a relatively inconspicuous label for a product, which allows the viewer to see the content and still combines a high-quality and informative, as well as tamper-proof seal.


Just as with the see-through labels, the combination of hologram and register-controlled printing can create a label for the end customer that not only offers security and proof of originality for a branded product, but also creates an incentive to buy through the visual enhancement at the point of sale (POS).


For some products, a multi-layer label is needed to accommodate the information that is important to the costumer. In order to maintain the visual effect of the product identity and still be able to present a rich content to the customer, the usually double-layered ‘peel-off’ labels are the right choice. These can of course also be provided with a holographic seal.


Windshield labels for car and lorry toll, or labels for emergency vehicles that are only allowed to drive in certain areas, such as at the airport or for military areas, require an accurate and, above all, forgery-proof marking that is to be visually recognized both – quickly and unambiguously. The windscreen stickers with hologram, produced in combination printing, offer exactly this possibility and can be produced individually for every requirement.


Fresnel lenses offer a very unusual and therefore very eye-catching effect on a label. The convex mirror lens reflects the light and the surrounding objects in a 3D effect, which in its uniqueness gives a very noble and high-quality impression. This print is ideal to highlight your products at the point of sale and to capture your customers attention.


VOID labels are suitable to quickly seal simple outer packagings against unauthorized opening, for example to additionally secure transport & logistics routes and to give the customer more trust. With the holographic rainbow effect, an additional visual enhancement can be achieved.

  • customer-specific label sizes
  • mother coils in 530mm x 500m
  • core: 76mm / 3 inch
  • customer-specific overprint
  • perforation
  • red
  • orange
  • blue
  • white
  • violet
  • yellow
  • green
  • transparent
  • silver
  • black
  • holographic rainbow
  • Non Transfer / leaves no residues on the product
  • Partial Transfer / leaves the words VOID / OPEN VOID on the product
  • Total Transfer / leaves the words VOID / OPEN VOID on the adhesive tape


Security adhesive tapes with Tamper Evidence properties are outstanding for protecting sensitive goods easily and effectively from unauthorized opening. With special adhesives, the security tapes can be made so strong that they cannot be removed without destroying them. The tapes can be customized in the print and of course also in the Tamper Evident effect. Standard texts are VOID / OPEN VOID

  • 50m x 50mm
  • 50m x 30mm
  • core: 76mm / 3 in
  • customer-specific overprint
  • perforation
  • red
  • blue
  • white
  • black
  • Non Transfer / leaves no residues on the product
  • Partial Transfer / leaves the words VOID / OPEN VOID on the product
  • Total Transfer / leaves the words VOID / OPEN VOID on the adhesive tape