We only supply exclusive foils in a large format that are not available on the general market. In particular the foils which are produced in the NOI process, as transparent foils (HRI), or seamless pattern.

The carrier material for holographic foils is usually a plastic film that can be thermo-mechanically embossed and has resistant properties. The holographic relief structure is then properly formed and offers high light refraction and thus an excellent optical effect. The film, which is made of coated PET or PP, is embossed with a holographic embossing shim using the roll-to-foil process and finished with a special coating for the various applications. With special patterns in the NOI segment (Nano Optical Imaging), a certain level of forgery protection can also be guaranteed, as these foils can only be obtained from a production facility.


Holographic sealing foil is ideal for permanently protecting various substrates against forgeries. Depending on the type, the foil is transferred to the substrate in a special process and cannot be removed afterwards. The hologram is permanently attached to the product. This application method is used for large batches and solely by machine.

Cold transfer foils are similar in structure to the familiar hot stamping foils, but in this case the holographic layer is transferred to the substrate in a special UV-supported process (cold). By using different UV-hardening varnishes and special additives, the properties of the finished label can be determined and defined for different purposes. Cold transfer foil can be transferred very precisely to specific areas with the In-Line process during the printing procedure and no die-cutting is required. This means that holographic effects can be integrated into fast-running UV printing machines with little extra effort.

In hot stamping or heat-seal foils, the holographically embossed layer is delivered with various other coatings and a thermally reactive adhesive layer on a polyester carrier. Using heatable printing cylinders or stamps, the foil is permanently bonded to the substrate to be coated. The polyester carrier is then removed again. Heat-seal foils cannot be removed without destroying the layers and are therefore very popular for securing paper documents. For example, on banknotes, tickets, entrance tickets, etc.

Chromium based transfer foils have a high resistance to external influences and are therefore designed for special applications in highly demanding environments. Due to the unique manufacturing process, CBH (chrome based holograms) are resistant and tamper-proof and are often used in high security number plates due to their durability and longevity under outdoor conditions.

HRI Stamping Foils is a special material that can be used in transparent high security holograms. HRI foils are metallized with zinc sulphide instead of aluminium, which gives the foil a transparent appearance. This material is diffusion-free and has a higher consistency of holographic effects compared to other holograms, ideal for applications in pharmaceuticals packaging, bank documents, ID cards and academic certificates.


All holographically enhanced packaging and lamination foils are ideally suited for subsequent printing and can be used in your existing system. Depending on the application, the pre-print treatment is carried out on the metallized or the film side.

  • by Acrylic Pre-Print-Treatment (acrylic coating)
  • by Corona-Treatment (static charging)
  • constantly growing pattern portfolio – see media library
  • seamless patterns (seamless patterns in high quality)
  • widths up to 1400mm possible (depending on pattern)
  • silver
  • gold
  • transparent (HRI-Treatment) – High Refractive Index Coating


Following, you will find basic information about the different holographic foils we can supply. Our holographic films enhance packaging and displays due to their reflective properties and light refraction to create an extraordinary product at the point of sale.

  • PET (thicknesses between 13µ – 60µ)
  • BOPP (thicknesses between 13µ – 60µ)
  • good oxygen barrier
  • moderate moisture barrier
  • stiffer than BOPP
  • superior optical properties
  • good resistance to oil and acidic substances
  • very stable, therefore less stretching during printing and laminating
  • thermal stability (can withstand high temperatures during processing)
  • high melting temperature
  • strong film with high tensile strength
  • high abrasion resistance
  • good durability
  • very good moisture barrier
  • high transparency
  • good internal barrier
  • ideal for flexible packaging
  • ideal for use in HFFS wrappers (Horizontal Form Fill Seal – Flow Wrappers)
  • no resistance to oil and acids
  • low SIT (Seal Initiation Temperature)
  • very good sealing properties (sealable on both sides)


Our packaging and laminating films are delivered holographically embossed and pre-print treated. The minimum quantity for a specially embossed film is between 10,000 – 50,000 square meters, depending on the material and pattern. We are constantly working on new and unusual patterns to be able to offer our customers unique design variations. Discover our current pattern portfolio in the:


Holographic transfer and sealing foils, just like hologram labels, can be produced with an individual design, especially for you and according to your requirements. The transfer foils are, according to their property of insoluble bonding with the substrate, the ideal security feature for larger production runs, in which the hologram application can be carried out economically profitable “In-Line”.