In the design of our holograms, we work with structures in the nano-meter range and integrate a wide variety of security features or hidden elements that can only be read and checked with special reading devices and magnifying glasses. Special equipment is needed to recognize and read these structures. We have selected the following devices according to the best practicability and handiness and put them together for you.


This convenient linen tester is ideal for quickly checking holographic optical security features and the details in the arrangement of the exposure cells, as well as viewing microprint up to a size of approx. 50µ and checking UV features.

  • Magnification approx. 30X
  • 3x white light LED
  • 3x UV LED
  • delivery in leather case
  • incl. 10 spare batteries
  • length 60 mm
  • width 53mm
  • height 50mm
  • lens diameter 26 mm
  • Weight 180g. including battery
  • voltage: 1,5V
  • type: AG7 (LR57), 5x


With this device, multi-level CLR images (CLR Multi) can be read out and visualized. The asymmetric micro-relief of such elements must be produced with an accuracy of 20 nanometers. Such security features cannot be imitated with conventional optical technologies.

This reader makes the inspection of holograms an objective procedure and eliminates possible misjudgments. This hidden feature verification reader is also very easy and convenient to use.

  • patented model no. 03
  • visualization of CLR, as well as Multi-CLR
  • simultaneous display of +1 and -1 (diffraction order)
  • length 89 mm
  • width 50mm
  • height 23mm
  • screen size 35×35 mm
  • weight <50 g. including battery
  • radiation wavelength: 0.65 micron
  • diode life: more than 1000 hours
  • power: 3-3.5 mW.
  • voltage: 3V
  • type: CR2


The digital Wi-Fi microscope for holograms is designed for quick and effortless surface examination. It is ideal for reliably displaying a clean image with 200x magnification on a smartphone or tablet. The integrated illumination ensures an exact representation of the holographic effects.

  • magnification 10X and 200X
  • 6 x dimmable white light LED
  • WLAN compatible with IOS and ANDROID
  • the APP “Tiny Capture” is available for free in the Apple App-Store and Google Play Store
  • runs on up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • storage of images and videos possible in the app or micro SD card
  • micro-SD card slot
  • pictures in HD quality
  • supplied with flexible tripod
  • depth 60 mm
  • width 44 mm
  • height 110 mm
  • weight 90 g. including battery
  • integrated rechargeable battery
  • incl. 5V adapter


The KERN OSE-417 is a very robust, stable and easy-to-use stereo microscope and ideal for quick and easy product examination at the table. The LED transmitted and reflected light illumination, which can be selected depending on the model, ensures optimal exposure of your object. It has very good optical properties, which enable sharp images over a large field of view.

  • optical system: Greenough optics
  • magnifications / depending on ocular 20x / 30x / 40x / 60x / 80x
  • lens barrel inclined 45°
  • distance between the eyes: 55.0-75.0 mm
  • diopter compensation one-sided
  • available interchangeable objectives with predefined magnifications  
  • eyepieces fixed in the tube – protection against loss or damage
  • stable and precisely adjustable microscope mechanics
  • wide choice of oculars as well as various additional external illumination units
  • supplied with dust cover, soft eyecups and multilingual operating manual
  • depth 230 mm
  • width 128 mm
  • height 330 mm
  • weight 2,17 kg
  • WF 10 / for 20x and 40x
  • WF 15 / for 30x and 60x
  • WF 20 / for 40x and 80x


With the audio authentication pen – also called talking pen – hidden audio messages can be read out of the hologram. The code embedded in the hologram structure is recognized by the optical sensor in the pen and the corresponding voice message is played out.

The security feature only works in combination with an individual hologram and the specially programmed reader. No other devices can be used. This makes the feature very effective in its use as an originality check.

  • optical reader for audio codes
  • audio message recorder
  • length 148mm
  • width 34mm
  • height 35mm
  • weight 53g. including battery
  • USB port
  • Headphone 3.5mm
  • On / OFF
  • volume control
  • voice record